May this life not be mine

“When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die” (Bonhoeffer, 1942)

The month of April, as we walked towards the cross, remembering how the King has been crucified to shed His blood for us. And by the Blood of Christ, the Testimony of God’s Word and living a life not loving lives to the death, we will then live to defeat the Evil One and not be a mere existence.

My Lord has anticipated my moments of weariness, weakness of my flesh and will to go before me to remind me of His grace and my salvation made possible through faith. Hence even when I am whining in pain and weeping in fear, I can still and will cry out to Him to draw me nearer to seek solace and comfort. I am never strong, always forgetful of His power and a total wimp when faced with the rollercoaster of life’s ups and downs. Yet my Lord has shown me His kingdom, reminded me again and again without fail, of His promises made with me. So however much I long to see Him face to face, to be home to my eternal abode, I will not run away from His purposes for me in this life on earth.

So please have mercy on me Oh Lord, carry me when the days get too tough and the road too bumpy. Let me lie down on your pasture and still keep an open ear to listen to your tiny voice calling out my name. Give me rest and fill me up with your Spirit that I may shout hallelujah to your triumph as you sit on your throne!


2 thoughts on “May this life not be mine

  1. i have the same prayers. God bless, solotune. I googled your name. seems that your gravatar/name doesn’t link to your website:0
    have a good week.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Well, you still managed to “find” me though the name and website are not connected:)
      Btw, you are really a spirit-filled photographer, I always find strength in your pictures. And I also like Ryuichi Sakamoto’s pieces very much!

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