Little delights

I needed to duplicate a key and was trying to find a locksmith while walking around the neighbourhood where I have been living for more than 10 years when I chanced upon some shops selling goods at a far cheaper price than the established and air-conditioned malls.

There’s what we call a second-hand shop selling all kinds of used wares, ranging from clothes to books to toys one can only find in the local museums. The wares may be pretty worn out for some and the fashion minded folks may frowned at those last season clothing, but fun is undeniably present if you were to look at through the titles being thrown out by the owners, and imagine why and what makes one buy and throw away those possessions. It is truly a place that depicts the saying well, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. And I couldn’t help but think of how true it is that nothing is absolute in the worldly sense; the value judgement for the worldly beings is mere logic of relativity. Indeed, I shall not be in want for the needs may one day be reduced to trash.

Then there is the locksmith who also sells stationery that reminds me of my days back in elementary school. The soft erasers with prints of national flags on them, the colored ice cream sticks we use for craft making and the simple note books that may not be too eye-catching for many of us now. This small and simple shop full of knickknacks has been here in my neighbourhood for the past 30 odd years but it was only my very first visit! When I exclaimed that to the shop lady, she smiled and urged me to continue to explore the areas. And I am sure I will, look around what is so near yet so far from me at one time and also to enjoy these little pleasant surprises just within a stone’s throw away from my humble abode.


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