My precious

‘매리는 외박중’ is the new indulgence. Just one episode and I knew I will enjoy it. It’s the same when I caught the serials like “Triple”, “Coffee Prince”, “Someday”, My Sweet Seoul” and the recent “Secret Garden”. You know the notion of mandate, fate or destiny, whatever and however you may want to call it; just one glance, just a touch and you knew it.


2 thoughts on “My precious

  1. I don’t turn on the TV these days, so I don’t know well about Korean drama. ^^; Are you finished the Secret Garden? I’m keeping it but yet, I don’t watch its last parts actually. ;p

    블로그를 너무 오랜만에 해서..
    그동안 이곳에도 제대로 못 들렸네요.. Sorry. ^^; 건강하죠?
    I hope you are. ^^

    1. Hey! I finished Secret Garden long again:)
      Am very much alive and kicking, but missing Seoul terribly…:(
      You must take care and stay happy too!

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