God Alone

Lord God has spoken to me. He has given when I asked, opened when I knocked.

My Lord God has a message solely for me, reminding me of His love for me, that He will not forsake me and that He will walk through the fire with me, Emmanuel (God with me); God is the fire, and indeed, He will walk with me. He has promised to bring me to glory and simplicity, for me to be fruitful and to do His will.

I asked for His purpose for me in this life on earth that Sunday morning when the Holy ghost caused a stir in my heart and I heard Him speak through the pastor from Jerusalem as he laid his hand on my head. The music and songs aside, I heard God’s voice as tears streamed down my cheeks, uncontrollably, and I surrendered to Him whole-heartedly, with all my body, mind, spirit and strength. Amen!


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