Dear Lord, forgive me. I was blinded by the worldly sites and sights, developing desires and heaping up treasures that will one day turn into ash. For the last 30 days or more, I was drifting away from you, floating like a wandering spirit without the anchor of my life. I couldn’t talk to you, I couldn’t make myself look you in the eyes and the prayers were choked, the reading of your Word had come into naught. I walked and got lost in my direction, I rested but got restless, and am once again fallen, a classic pride before a fall. For I didn’t keep you close to my heart, the lazy bones and weak flesh got the better of me. I was anxious, fearful and easily tired, I was critical, rude and unkind to all that you love and wanted me to extend my love. I rejected your prompting repeatedly, not feeling how disappointed you must be and ignored the sadness in the eyes of Lord Jesus, then again reminded of his arms stretched out on the cross.

Yet despite these weaknesses, my iniquities and trangressions, you have picked me up from where I fell, reminding and assuring me of your immense grace and love for your children of God. I know there is a lesson to be learnt, I am determined to maintain and grow that tiny mustard seed; it will not be blown away or taken away. It has taken root and shall be watered and sheltered, growing into maturity and be fruitful in His Time.

GRACE is enough. Praise the Lord!


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