My Solid Rock

Reflected on what has gone by for yet another month, I am glad I am still singing and dancing for my God!

A month of well rested soul, though a bad flu has caused me much time spent nursing it and sleeping through most of the days and nights. A moment of reminiscing and a tinge of sadness, peppered with lots of “what ifs” and “what should have been”, and I am still standing tall and jumping with joy. Two Sunday mornings not waking up to God’s wake-up call, I missed the services to worship my Lord yet I am praying to God and receiving tonnes of great tidings from Him. How did He do it? How can I and what do this wretched earth-bound body of mine know? Yet He allows my spirit-filled, yearning heart to flutter, showing me His promises I can always trust, there is no changing God in Him, our mighty Lord! I hope you who are reading this by chance or have been sharing my joy and sadness will understand how I am feeling right inside me, but this love of mine and His love for me is so powerful that it’s almost unfathomable…God will answer my prayers, your prayers…even when this faint hearted, “you of little faith” has forgotten or kind of given up on waiting for His answer, THE answer came like a knock and make me open my heart even more so to Him. God says,”Ask and it will be given.”

“Lord will Provide!” My dearest brother sent a text message from overseas, exclaiming the promises delivered to him. God has provided! Praise the Lord, my dearest God!


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