Be Still

“Be Still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)

Lord God, are you trying to speak to me now? My right ear has gone “deaf” for the second time, just a week after the first experience. The first time while singing in church, the ear went muffled and I could almost hear my own breathing. Fear crept in and I asked if you are talking to me, that I have not listened hard enough to your tiny voice. I prayed and stayed till after the service to seek the consultation of the general practitioner who was available that Sunday. I was told that the symptom was due to my prolonged flu that causes the block of the tube connecting the nose and the ear. And after taking the medication for a couple of days I was well again. Yet again it happened this morning and even worse, the pressure I felt whenever I took a deep breath was not reassuring at all. Father Lord, do I need to be alarmed? Are you teaching me something here? Somehow this reminded me of how I have gone “dumb” years back for as long as a week or so; unable to utter a word and no medicine seemed to help. Then I prayed and have prayed and felt your presence. I could not speak but have learnt to listen then, gaining a spiritual spa or retreat from that ordeal. Are you tuning and refining my spiritual gifts again? That I should spur on as soon as the Holy Spirit awakens me, to listen intently to your calling and turn deaf to all things ungodly?

 I am listening God, speak to me… …


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