15th July

Twenty years. Two people. One day.

I had a crush. Yes, just realized how obsessed I was with Time, or the notion of Time. But saying it using the past tense  is just not being true to myself, for in reality, I am still very much in love with the notion of Time.

Went to the movie on a regular weekend at noon. I was warned that I was the first to be purchasing a ticket for that time slot but was later reassured that it was still early and movie-goers will probably be making their way to the theatre given another moment or so. Well, I had plans and being a rather disciplined disciplined (not a typo error for the double print of a same word, as I was really disciplined to be more disciplined in life) person, I try to follow my own plans and so I landed in an empty theatre 10 more minutes to the screening of this one movie I had been waiting for since July. Then finally, an elderly woman stepped inside the theatre, hopefully not disappointed with my presence for I was really glad to see her. Then a young couple followed and still another pair of old ladies, probably taking a chance to watch a nice movie right after brunch.

I thought I would need their company as it’s simply too extravagant to have the theatre all to myself, but it really didn’t make such a difference for a mere 5 minutes or so into the screening, I was totally focusing on the movie and can’t be bother about anyone or anything beyond the magic of the silver screen. The long wait for the movie was worth all the anticipation and I am just glad I had kept myself away from the book before watching this made from print to screen. In case you think this is just another movie about romantic love, you may be interested to know that the tears had gone out to the lovers, as well as the growing up pains, the family love and also the search of one’s true worth. It was rumoured that this movie is a challenge to crying and it was! So bring your napkins with you but most of all, bring your “self” to be examined. Socrates got it right the very first time by saying that an unexamined life is not worth living. Think about that.


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