Groundhog Day

The trailer sums up the plot well, but the presentation may be a bit misleading. Besides how funny it can be as one experiences the same day repeatedly, it can be both disturbing and tragic! Yet the surrealism of this concept is so real when you can see how our lives seem to be going round the circle; waking up, working, resting and maybe sometimes with a bit of varieties, some twists and turns, then the whole cycle moves on… So what will you do if you are Phil who got stuck in the same day and only you are aware of your own plight whereas all others around you are kind of oblivious of their own existence (or should I, can I say pseudo-existence)? Will you see the people around you for the first time? Will you be running errands for what truly are meaningful? Will you still appreciate your breathing each day and live life to the fullest for as long as the days are going to be? And if you know the answers, why are you still living a life that may no longer be considered alive?

Start living. Today!


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