Parker 61

“Ah gong” (my maternal grandfather) once owned a pair of Parker 61; a pen and a pencil in the 1950s. He would proudly pin them in the pocket on his shirt to show that he is a learned intellect in those days when most people might be illiterate. He wrote great manuscripts and letters with that fountain pen and left the pencil as an ornament. Those two were his prized possessions and he would not have parted with them if not for his beloved grandson. “Ah Gong” loved me most, well he said so himself and I have no doubt at all for his immense love for me was and still surpasses all … …indeed, he was the one to bring me to Christ, and had given me this greatest love of all. I did not inherit the pair of Parker 61, brother dearest did but lost it some years back to our dismay. But I know he meant for brother dearest to have it as an heirloom just as he had wanted to leave his inheritance which was well-kept in a biscuit tin for his most precious grand-daughter. And thus, I will find the Parker 61 and present it to the heir once again.


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