Ash Wednesday

46 days into Easter and 6 days before Lent.

Ash Wednesday today.

I failed to wake up to wait on the LORD this morning, but I am not just about to feel dejected. Rather, I will simply continue to walk with HIM and talk with HIM. What is your decision today? To follow HIM or to go back into the World, to choose to be in the World and of the World? I chose to take up my cross and no matter how may times I may fall and lag behind, I know HE will pick me up from wherever I will be and walk side by walk, even to carry me if needed. Hence, I won’t look back and I will not doubt, the every step I make will have His footprints as well.

Wake me up in the morning to wait on you LORD, let me rise up and lie down thinking of you and talking with you. Allow me to tune into your voice however soft you may be and know your voice the moment you speak to me. Show me who you are whenever I read your Word, open my heart to accept and embrace and open my eyes to see you. For the next 40 odd days, may you let me be in the desert with LORD Jesus, staying close to His heart instead of wandering away and about like the stiff-necked Israelites who were deprived of the entering the promise land all those 40 years. And even if I were to see you face to face at your appointed time, let me be assured that I have indeed finished the race well, and may all glory be to you!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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