30 and Fabulous

My first Thai movie was perhaps some horror flicks which I wouldn’t want to remember and most of us would often associate their productions with the horror genre, but the Thais are rather gifted in making Romance comedies as well. As a new convert I may not be doing them justice, but I can only state “Hello Stranger” as one of the classics. Confession now, I watched that because of its filming site in Seoul and other popular tourist sites in South Korea, then was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Thai concoction of romance and comedy. And I must say that the fashion statement, the cinematography, the handsome lads and pretty lass, as well as the great soundtracks to bring out the flavour of a great romantic movie are all comparable if not surpassing its Korean contemporaries. Indeed, the script and lines could be more touching and yet down-to-earth as compared to most Korean typical romances.

Now if I were to compare these two movies, I would think “Hello Stranger” has slightly more originality in its plot whereas “30 and fabulous” follows the DNA of the Korean romances; the love at first sight and never will I change my mind fairytale, and worse still, the “it’s all fated to be” fatalistic approach to the boy-meets-girl chemistry. Yet, the flow in the latter is easier to follow while the former tends to digress and drag on way too much.

In any case, take your pick or just watch them both if you have an appetite for the likes, or just want to enjoy a light and happy movie over the weekend. I am just glad and hope that diversity and variety still exist in the creative works, be it in terms of fashion or movie. I simply cannot imagine a world where everything is Korean or following the trends without much individuality and self-identity. Not that I have anything against the Korean creations, on the contrary I like them too much to have observed and noticed the threat of what I just mentioned.


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