I will worship You

Almost went on a “merry-go-round” ride  while taking a shuttle bus to the bus terminal. Just when I thought the bus would turn into the terminal, it turned into another estate and I saw a cathedral I knew only where it is on digital map but never really got to see it in person. The breeze caressing the leaves and soft branches of trees, the strange yet delightful view when I looked out of the window of the bus put a smile on my face, and brother dearest was sent on a mission to direct me to the right stop just a couple stops away before the bus moved back for the homeward direction. At the nick of time, I was able to alight at the right bus stop and continued my journey to my destination. But that was just first half of the journey. On the second half of my journey, I was threatened by a possible storm. In fact, it started raining the moment I boarded my bus and then pouring along the way. I started praying, rebuking the “storm” in the name of Jesus and worshipping Him and claiming His promises as the creator of Heaven and Earth, He is the maker of the clouds, the winds and of course the storms. And My God will be my refuge, my shelter, my shield. My God will be my tower of strength and He will answer my prayer. And in faith and trust in Him, the heavy rain turned into light shower and almost a drizzle when I got down of the bus. The heavy outpour returned almost in an instant but I was saved in the shelter with a little fun of a short distance run. The brolly stayed intact, unaffected in my bag.

Praise my LORD! You are who you said you are, the great “I AM”. And I will worship you, my LORD, my God.


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