Seeing face to face

Tokyo 2012_Nov 146You know how it is in Japan where you seldom look one in his/her eyes. Initially it was kind of weird for I come from a culture where it’s rude not to look at the person you are coming into contact with, but I either got used to it by now or have come to appreciate it more. Truly, living in a crowded city, the avoiding eye contact has given me some leeway; thinking that I am appropriated my personal space though space is in fact very much a luxury. Even when taking a photo, I would find myself taking a “stalker” approach to get one’s back rather than the front view. (well, I still think it’s not polite and somewhat insensitive to snap  without the permission granted by the subject of my lens) Anyways, this is one of those moments when I am lacking in the department of courtesy and just go with the flow……


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