Remembering NOTHING

i remember nothingThe same wit and humor you would have seen her in her film productions, the book brought back many good memories of the nights you watched her movies with a good friend or a group of good old friends. Nora Ephron is honest in her writing, sharing open secrets about her likes and dislikes, her fears and what she cherishes. I couldn’t hold back a chuckle when she wrote about her mother and her divorced life. And at the mention of her getting connected to the email (technology she would call it which I doubt anyone of us would even consider it to be that “advanced”) and how she almost immediately got disconnected from it, her emphasis on how she can’t stand the email would puzzle me if not for the fact that I (and I assume many of us) too have been victimized by the never-ending “you’ve got mail” terroristic act of the present age. And then you get to peek into the world that creates movies like “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve got mail”; of how the emailing theme came about and why the heroine is obsessed with Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. I like the warm, fuzzy feeling when I am done with reading the book, especially the last couple of chapters of What I won’t miss and What I will miss amidst her sarcastic tone. Then I began to wonder what I would say when I turn her age; what will I miss and won’t if each day is to be lived like the last days of my life here on earth? Well, I most probably won’t miss waking up early and turning in late for work, or walking in the rain in my open-toes shoes or ready-to-slip slippers, nor having to get outdoor when it’s pouring. I will miss spring and fall, holding the hands of my loved ones, the heart-warming hugs and heart-melting smiles, a cuppa on rainy days, sleeping in on rainy days… …Nora Ephron will be greatly missed.


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