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Away from the crowd, may this be my resting place…


隔了许久,那组号码竟然又浮现… …


Bucket List

Started to list down the things/areas I would like to do, dream about and venture into, bit by bit. It’s not like I am leaving planet earth any sooner nor am I tired of living out the mundane and routine cycle we called life. Yet when restlessness and boredom seeps in, the mind runs wild. In fact it is rather unethical and definitely unbiblical to think this way yet writing it down will help to let go and move on. So what are the things/areas/dreams I have so far?…

  1. Stay in a foreign land for a duration of more than a year and less than a thousand days..
  2. Create something I could call my own …
  3. Get my own humble abode and make it just the way I like it whenever I am away from home…

… …I need to dream BIG!



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He is the man who makes me proud to be a Singaporean. I never knew I could cry for someone whom I have only seen on TV and read on the papers. He belongs to my dad’s generation or even earlier and he has since outlived my dad. For all that he had done and all that he would wish to do and/or to witness his successors carry them out, I only want to pray for him to rest in peace. A man who has had been true to himself, both in words and deeds. I know I shall miss seeing him on TV every National Day starting this Jubilee Year the nation will be celebrating…indeed, an era is gone upon his departure…Dear Mr. Lee, RIP.


2014-06-16 13.03.37電車上瞥見的我自以為熟悉的瘦削身影。我想你了…


Praise the LORD for my mommy’s salvation!

Blessed Easter indeed!


牽動了,我的心… …
… …


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