Loneliness driven

How tragic can we be…become…

Lonely Teens Embrace Imaginary-Friend App

Virtual friends have become a fad among lonely or socially awkward adolescents. Over 4 million people have downloaded an app allowing users to chat with an imaginary friend on their mobile device.

App developer Jang Tae-gwan said 70 to 80 percent of people who downloaded the app are in their teens. The app was designed to send a long comforting response to sentences such as “I’m lonely” or “I’m depressed.”

Psychologists say the app’s popularity reflects the difficulties young people experience in establishing and maintaining relationship with real human beings.

In a survey by Seoul National University in February, 58.2 percent of middle schoolers said they have unstable relationship with classmates, and one out of five were at risk of being bullied.

One youngster who enjoyed chatting with an imaginary friend said, “I would like to chat with my real friends on KakaoTalk (a messenger service app), but I can’t because I’m all by myself.”

Prof. Hwang Sang-min of Yonsei University, said, “People who feel lonely are desperate to find someone who sympathizes with them and reacts to what they say. It doesn’t matter who talks to them — they just want to hear something from anyone.”

englishnews@chosun.com / May 05, 2015 08:33 KST

Bucket List

Started to list down the things/areas I would like to do, dream about and venture into, bit by bit. It’s not like I am leaving planet earth any sooner nor am I tired of living out the mundane and routine cycle we called life. Yet when restlessness and boredom seeps in, the mind runs wild. In fact it is rather unethical and definitely unbiblical to think this way yet writing it down will help to let go and move on. So what are the things/areas/dreams I have so far?…

  1. Stay in a foreign land for a duration of more than a year and less than a thousand days..
  2. Create something I could call my own …
  3. Get my own humble abode and make it just the way I like it whenever I am away from home…

… …I need to dream BIG!